How to Avoid Fake Frye Boots? Best Ways to Buy Authentic Frye Boots

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When we talk about quality boots, Frye boot is a name likely to pop up. They are a renowned brand for boots. Their quality has brought them all the fame and name throughout the years. They have a variety of boots and designs that you can choose from.

However, all that name and fame also give birth to fake Frye boots. People make copies of Frye boots that look similar, use the brand name but awful in quality. And they price it a bit lower than the original Frye boots so people go towards them.

That’s why you will need to know how to avoid fake Frye boots. Because when you are spending money you would want the product to be good and authentic. Otherwise, it’s just wasting money rather than spending it.

How to Tell If Frye Boots are Authentic to Avoid Fake?

There are several ways to tell if the boot is an original Frye boot or not. Even though you will need to spend an ample amount of time with that but it’s always worth it. You don’t want to end up with fake boots whatsoever.

#1. Their styles

First thing you can take a look at is the style of the boots. You can figure out an original and fake boot by simply seeing the authentic style of Frye boots. The people who copy the boots usually go for styles that are popular and are in demand.

So, if you check the authentic styles of Frye boots of the same products you can easily tell the difference. Also, when you are going for the boots that aren’t that popular you are likely to wind up with original ones considering their price tag. It’s also a better option to go with authorized frye retailers and check their style collections.

#2. Packaging

Original Frye boots come in premium-quality packaging. They have a completely white box without any fancy designs. On the top of the box, there is a logo and brand name along with the establishment message of the company.

On one of the sides, you will see a sticker with details of the product. The details usually include a style number, size, and color description. There is another tag attached with the boots inside that has the same details on them along with a serial number. So, make sure that all the information match. Also, in the tag, there is a little backstory of the brand.

If you are packaging anything missing from all these then it’s probably a fake Frye.

#3. The leather quality

This is something very basic to all kinds of leather products. Frye boots come with genuine leather of different varieties. No matter which variety you choose it is supposed to be genuine leather. So, to find out the fake boots you just have to know about genuine leather.

Usually, genuine leather will have an enriched texture in them. They will feel very soft on your skin. Also, there is a distinct scent of genuine leather that characterizes them very well. Another way to identify genuine leather is through close inspection.

When you take a closer look at genuine leather you will notice some pores here and there. That’s the mark of genuine leathers. Also, they tend to be a bit abrasive around the places. Whereas fake leather will look perfect and clean all around.

Even if companies can copy styles or packaging, they can never fake the quality of leather. So, this is the best way to avoid falling for the fake Frye boots.

#4. Stitching

Proper stitching gives the boots a proper finish. And copying or faking that is very hard for people. Authentic Frye boots will have a clean finish throughout their whole stitching process. It reflects their quality in the making of the boots.

The threads would be of the same color as the boots themselves. Because without a matching color the threads would just pop up as a design. This might ruin the look of the boots completely. Also, the stitches would be straight and maintain a proper shape.

Besides the looks, strong stitches are important for the build quality as well. And as far as durability is concerned, Frye boots never compromise with that. So, if a Frye boot has a loose end on the stitching then they are probably fake and you would steer away from them.

#5. Solid parts

This is relative information you can look for in your boots. If the boots have any metal parts on them then you can check out the quality of those parts as well.

On the original Frye boots, they use high-quality authentic solid parts. They either use silver or bronze parts for zippers or any hook designs. They also tend to be a bit heavy. Whereas the fake ones will have cheap quality metal or plastic in them.

Not every design will have this to look for. So, if you are dealing with something like this make sure to check the solid parts as well.

#6. Outsoles

Usually, the outsoles of authentic Frye boots will have a brand name engraved there. It comes with a bold and deeply engraved brand name. in some models they engrave the technology used in the outsole. For example, some boots may have a stamp of Neoprene Safetech Oil resistance on their outsole.

In the fake Frye boots, this mark will either be missing, misplaced, misspelled, or poorly engraved. So, you can identify an original one by seeing this mark as well.

#7. The fit

Frye boots boast themselves for their comfort. So, when you wear the boots you shouldn’t feel any discomfort at all. This will come from a perfect fit in your feet. They don’t take time to break-in; you will have the perfect fit even right out of the box.

The fake ones will not be comfortable and they can feel a bit rigid too. Even after wearing them for a while, you will keep feeling that discomfort all the time. That’s how you can tell it’s a fake Frye boot.

So, there were several ways that you can tell the difference between an authentic Frye boot and a fake one. Some of them still can be copied so you will need to take a closer look at them when you are checking for authenticity. Also, consider their prices before buying them because Frye boots don’t come cheap.


Here are some common questions that pop up about Frye boots oftentimes.

What’s the warranty period of Frye boots?

The warranty period for any authentic Frye boot is up to one year. This warranty is valid for any manufacturing defect in all leather products. They don’t come with a lifetime warranty.

Do Frye boots take action against counterfeit?

Whenever they become aware of such conduct, they take action through their local team. They also notify all the primary search engines about fake websites that use their names.

Where are Frye boots made?

Usually, most of the Frye boots are made in China these days. However, some selected models are made in different places. You can choose the Made in USA section on their website to find out shoes that are crafted in the USA. They are also made following American craftsmanship.

Are there any authorized Frye retailers?

There are some authorized retailers that you can find for authentic Frye boots. Most of them have physical stores at different locations. For online purchases, you can try the following ones-

  • Backcountry
  • Nordstorm
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Shopbop
  • Zappos

Stray away from other websites. As there are lots of fake websites that provide fake Frye boots at a discounted price.

Does Frye Boot Require Maintenance?

Any leather product requires maintenance from time to time. You need to clean them and keep them polished as often as you can. Otherwise, they lose the moisture and become prone to damage. Also, Frye boots aren’t waterproof so you will need to be careful of that factor as well.

For the maintenance of the boots, you can use different products that you can find on their official website. They are very hefty for keeping your boots safe for a longer period.


Buying a pair of Frye boots will never go in vain. They are some of the best boots you can have in your lifetime. The quality is unmatched and the looks are satisfying. So, when you decide to buy one you would want to have the genuine ones.

Because of their popularity, there are lots of fakes out there. That’s why we shared some ways to avoid fake Frye boots. You can easily differentiate between the fake ones and the real ones with the ways we discussed.

Also, we encourage you to go for the official website rather than third-party websites to avail some offers. This is the best way you can avoid Frye boots at all. Hopefully, this will help you getting a pair of authentic Frye boots for yourself.

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