Affordable Boots Similar to Doc Martens: 7 Best Doc Martens Alternatives

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Do you love the feel and quality of Doc Martens boots? I mean who wouldn’t, right? But the price they come at might be something many people aren’t comfortable with. Keeping that in mind I went to dig through some information and found some Doc martens alternatives out there. 

These alternatives mostly come with the looks and almost the same quality as Doc martens. They are also quite high in quality even if you are not comparing them to Doc martens. However, if you are thinking you will get the same kinds of boots as Doc martens then you are mistaken. They are just some alternatives you can get at a lower price. 

Let’s get going. 

Why choose an alternative over Doc Martens?

One obvious reason for choosing boots similar to Doc Martens is the price. You will have to pay a good amount of money to own a Doc Martens. But there are some other things to consider as well. 

First of all, the deteriorating quality. As time is going by the quality of Doc martens is going down. I mean they are not the worst. They are still better than some regular shoes. But when you consider the price then it becomes a problem. The quality you will get for the price isn’t justified. 

Aside from that comes the ethical factor of their business. Their way of producing shoes is not eco-friendly at all. They have issues with their waste management. Another thing is the cheap labor. They prefer to go for cheap labor and produce their goods in countries like China and Thailand. Even though there doesn’t affect a customer directly, it can be disturbing for some people to think of using their goods. 

Our top picked boots similar to Doc Martens:

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7 Best alternatives to Doc Martens : [Full Review]

Here are the top 7 alternatives to Doc martens. No matter which one you go with you end up with quality for sure.

#1. Timberland Unisex-Child 3 Eye Chukka Ankle Boot

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection Unisex 1460

The first boot in the list comes from Timberland. Well, there is no need for an introduction for timberland boots. Although this one is for children only. So, if your kid needs some new boots these can be a great choice. 

First of all, the comfort of this shoe is extremely good. It comes with a padded collar and EVA midsole. So, your kid won’t have any issues wearing this one even for a whole day. The shaft also measures ankle-high which is great for kids to move around with. Also, the quality material on this one provides it a sturdy built as well. 

For the outer sole, you get a rubber lug. If your kid likes to run around the place then you won’t have to worry about him slipping at all. With the outer sole this shoe provides excellent grip and traction on all surfaces.

Now, let’s come to the looks of it. I want to say that why does this have to be a shoe for kids only. Because these shoes look so good that you would want to wear them every time you go out. Even as an adult you will love how they look. It has got a premium vibe to it that satisfies almost everyone around. 


  • Comes with excellent comfort 
  • Top-notch durability 
  • Great grip and traction 
  • Looks extremely good 
  • Affordable 


  • None in particular

#2. Essentials Women’s Lace Up Combat Boot

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens 1460 8 Eye Boot

As a woman, you would always love to have some good-looking shoes on your feet. So, this boot fulfills that need quite well. But that’s just not it with this one. It offers a lot more to you than you can think of. 

Let’s just talk about the fact that this boot is completely waterproof. How many times have you ruined your shoe in a sudden rainfall? With this one, you won’t have to worry about that at all. Neither they are like those ugly rainboots. You get protection and good looks both on this one. 

Next up is the quality of this boot. Satisfaction is certain when you own a pair of these. The materials they use in this one are of very high quality. The finishing is done with some smooth fabric lining. And for your comfort, it has got cushioned footbed. Finally, the skiddy outsole helps you out with grip and traction.

I saved the best for the last which is the looks for the boots. This one has got a premium look right from the first glance. You can pair them up with almost any kind of clothing. Whether you are wearing an overcoat or jeans it doesn’t matter. They go very well with casual looks. And perfect for rainy seasons. 


  • High-quality built 
  • Provides good comfort 
  • Waterproof protection 
  • Comes with fashionable looks 


  • Not the best for small feet

#3. MORENDL Men’s All-Weather Premium

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Men’s Sussex Work Boot

Are you someone who loves hiking and trekking? Then you might require some quality boots. And I can assure you, your search for such boots end here. This one has got everything a trekker needs for their trips. 

When it comes to trekking the first thing you want from your shoes is good traction. You have to make sure the shoes can prevent you from slipping. This one does that job extremely well. Also, the thick rubber sole can protect you from nails, sharp rocks, or any sharp object on the ground. 

While you are hiking your feet can get tired very fast. But with the right kind of shoes, they won’t. This boot here comes with an anti-fatigue feature that gives you comfort all day. Your feet won’t hurt no matter which surface you are on. So, you can climb much higher without causing any stress to your feet. 

Lastly, a hiking boot needs to have rugged construction. This one has got that. You get such built quality in boots like Doc martens. The boots are completely water-resistant and oil-resistant. You can easily clean the upper if something happens. 


  • Sturdy and rugged construction 
  • Comes with anti-fatigue technology 
  • Slip resistance 
  • Protection against oil, water, and sharp objects 
  • Serves multiple purposes 


  • The outer sole could be better

#4. Resonda Women Combat Boots

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Womens 1460 Patent Leather Combat Boot

This is a boot that many people think of like a knock-off doc marten because of how similar they look. Sometimes you won’t be able to tell the difference between them at all. But they aren’t anything like knock-offs. Rather they are of top-quality boots themselves. 

In terms of comfort, they are sometimes considered to be better than Doc martens. You can wear them all day long and you won’t feel any strain or pain in your feet. The extra cushioning in the footbed gives you the best comfort you can ask for. Also, the inner sole is pretty thick that just adds up to the comfortability. 

The outer rubber sole features slip resistance which is something you would love to have on a boot. They come with excellent traction over slippery areas and prevent you from falling. Aside from that, the upper leather is water-resistant so even if it’s raining suddenly you won’t have to worry. 

Lastly, coming to the looks there is nothing much to say. You will love the style of these shoes. They are fashionable and go with any kind of clothing. But if you are wearing them with jeans you get the best possible look. Also, they come in 4 different color choices. So, you have got options to pair them up with different clothes. 


  • Extremely stylish in looks
  • Super comfortable to wear 
  • Water and slip-resistant 
  • Breathable inner sole so your feet don’t sweat
  • Smooth fabric lining 


  • Stitching could be better
  • Difficult to find the perfect sizes

#5. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Motorcycle Combat Military Boots

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Washed Canvas Combat Boot

Want to have comfort and style at the same time? Then get a pair of Bruno Marc boots. They come with extreme comfort and great styles. Just pair them up with a leather jacket and you are good to go. 

For comfortability, this one offers a lot of things. First of all, there is the thick padded collar that helps you walk without any distress at all. Then you get the breathable insole that helps your feet from sweating. This is very good when you have to wear your shoes for long hours. 

In a hurry? No time to tie the shoelaces? You can just zip up and go. There is a side zipper included that is convenient and adds up to the look as well. Zippers are a classic part of biker boots after all.

Now, let’s talk about the looks. Well, this is very stylish in looks with a natural glossy upper. The delicate texture you get on this one makes it look premium. As for the colors you get a lot of different options there. 


  • Extremely stylish looking 
  • Great grip and wear-resistant outsole 
  • Comfortability and breathability ensured 
  • Convenient side zippers 
  • Affordable 


  • The buckle isn’t durable 
  • Doesn’t last very long

#6. Polar Fox Brady MPX508571 Men’s

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Men’s Tobias Boot

When you are looking for something affordable with good quality it can get tough. But here I bring you the perfect combination of both. These shoes are very affordable with durability, comfort, and protection.

For protection, you get water resistance on these boots. The durable leather on this one makes sure no water passes through the boots. Aside from that, it gives you breathability so you can wear the boots for a long time. Even the laces on these boots are water-resistant and keep their shape whatsoever. 

The Multi-purpose ability of this boot makes it worth buying whatsoever. You can wear them for your work or on your casual days or for a trip to the woods. They are built to provide flexibility, comfort, durability, and protection. All these features make them ideal for any kind of situation you may come across. 

As for the looks you will just love it at the first glance. These boots come with a premium vibe that sets you up for classy occasions. You can pair these up with jackets, jeans, overcoats, and whatnot. And the zipper on the sides just adds convenience with some buff in the looks. Lastly, they come in a variety of colors as well. 


  • Great comfort 
  • Good for multiple purposes 
  • Stylish looks 
  • Zipper closure for ease 
  • Top-quality rubber sole 


  • Might have issues with sizing

#7. DADAWEN Women’s Lace-Up

Original Dr Martens: Dr. Martens Women’s Combs W Combat Boot

Match up the look of your dressing with these pair of boots. They come in so many colors that you would want them all. As for the quality you can always rely on these. They come with comfort, style, and protection all around. 

Let’s just start with looks. Well, first of all, you get to have a wide range of color choices. There is red, pink, white, paste, brown and of course black. Aside from the colors, they are built with quality materials that look premium at the first glance. You can wear them to work or you can go for a casual walk with these on.

Coming to the comfortability factor, you can wear them all day without any stress. The cushion on the footbed is very comfortable with the padded insole. There is also padding on the collar of the shoes to prevent your feet from hurting. All in all, you can wear them for long hours and have no pain at all. 

As for the outsole, it comes with a great texture. The texture delivers you with good grip and traction over all kinds of surfaces. Whether they are uneven or slippery you won’t have to worry about that at all. For the material, it has got a rubber lug that can stand a good amount of abrasion with ease. 


  • Comes with waterproof protection
  • Offers good comfortability 
  • Excellent grip and traction 
  • Features many different colors and looks stylish 


  • Not very durable for regular use 

What to look for in a doc martens alternative?

When you are in search of shoes like Doc martens you will have to keep some factors in mind. The obvious one is to have the quality as close as Doc martens. You can’t possibly hope to get the exact quality as Doc Martens but you can certainly find something close to that. 

Now, keeping quality aside you have to look for the price. Because that’s the drawback of any Doc Marten shoe for many people. They only want the alternatives because of the high price of Doc Martens. 

Then you can move on to the other features like warmth, comfortability, looks, grip, and traction. These also play a role in choosing the best alternative for Doc Martens. 

In short, the quality materials and price are something you should always consider. They are the reason you would want a Doc Marten alternative in the first place. 


Here are some common questions people ask about Doc Martens alternatives-

Q1- What is the best alternative for Doc Martens?

A-    Considering many factors, you can have different choices. But on paper in terms of quality, looks, price and other features Resonda Fashion are the best alternative for Doc Martens. 

Q2- Are Doc Martens still worth it?

A-    Over the years the quality of Doc Martens has been going downhill. Even though they are still better than some other boots, they aren’t worth the price. You can get a similar quality of boots at a much lower price. 

Q3- What makes Doc Marten alternatives worth buying?

A-    In most cases, the buying factor for any Doc Marten alternative is the price. You can get a similar kind of quality at a much lesser price. This makes the alternatives worth buying rather than spending extra money on the brand name. 

Q4- Are there Doc Marten fakes? 

A-    Of course, there are Doc Marten fakes out there. You can find a lot of them online. And once you buy them you will regret your decision. Also, it’s very hard to spot the fake ones from the real ones as they look pretty much the same. 

Q5- What’s the best way to style with Doc Marten alternatives?

A-    You can just follow what you would do with Doc Marten boots. Typically, a good way to pull off your boots is to pair them up with jeans. As for the top, you can wear denim or a leather jacket to complete the look. 

Final words

To sum up, Doc marten alternatives are a good way to spend your money on shoes. Since Doc marten is losing their quality stamp and using the brand value to keep the price up. It’s better to opt for alternatives than Doc martens itself. 

And to make things easier for you, I brought up some choices that you can consider. Among them, Resonda combat boots have to be the best alternative considering every factor. They are of high quality, affordable price and comes with a lot of features. Other than that you can go with any other boot from the list, none of them will disappoint you that’s for sure.


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