What Does D Mean In Shoe Size?

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Footwear is no less than a matter of concern, almost for every one of us. We need to select shoes according to the outfit and the purpose of going outside. Wearing a cozy and comfortable pair of shoes is required to be out for a long time and look confident. So it is essential to choose the right type and right-sized shoe before buying.

Shoe size is one of the most important factors to take into considerations when you buy shoes. The reason for that is you will not do so good wearing an unfit pair of shoes being outside. There will always be a little discomforting feeling while being on foot wearing unsuitable shoes. So the size of shoes matters enough to become your first query while buying shoes.

What does shoe size actually mean?

Shoe size indicates the exact measurement of a shoe, which helps select the pair of shoes that your feet will ideally get fit into.

There are different forms of measuring shoes or boots sizes in countries all over the world. Shoe size can be measured in inches, centimeters, or letters, which represent specific measurements. Now it is a big concern how you will get the exact measurement of your feet, and it is a great relief that we can quickly determine our feet size on our own by following a simple procedure.

How do shoe sizes relate to the measurements of feet?

The length of your foot is the distance between the end of your toe and the most prominent part of the heel. Foot length is measured only when someone is standing barefoot, with their weight equally distributed on both feet.

Most shoe manufacturers provide a standard width for shoes due to economic reasons. As for length, there is a specific number that indicates size. Several different shoe-size systems are used around the world. For example- in the U.S., they convert the inch measurement into your shoe size. For instance, a woman with a foot that is approximately 9.8″ long would wear a size 8.5 shoe.

How to measure feet size?

  • Place a paper and stick it to the floor with scotch tape to avoid sliding.
  • Put your foot on the paper.
  • Use a pencil and draw around your foot on the paper.
  • Use a tape and take the longest point to find the length. Do it the same to find the width of your feet.
  • Subtract ¼ inch or about ½ centimeter from both the length and the width to avoid the extra space of the pencil outline.
  • Use these measurements to find your shoe size from the chart.

Some tips while measuring feet:  

  • Try to take the measurement at the end of the day.
  • While measuring, wear socks or tights if you plan to wear that specific pair of shoes.
  • Take measurements of both feet. Since it is common among people to have larger feet than others.
  • If you cannot keep balance while standing on one foot, take support of any chair or wall.

What Do the Letters Represent in Shoe Size?

The size is normally written underneath the shoes. If you notice the given shoe size properly, you will see some letters, which indicate different sizes. If you want to buy a pair of shoes, you must know the significances of the letters that represent size. Otherwise, you may end up buying a pair of shoes that is unfit for yourself.

For Men:

A: Extra narrow.

D: Medium

E: Wide

E.E. or EEE: Extra wide

For Women:

AAA: Super slim.

A or A.A.: Slim

B: Medium

D: Wide

E or E.E.: Extra wide.

For Children:

E: Extra-Wide.

So we can see that the same letter varies significance gender-wise when it comes to shoe size. So deciding the shoe size is undeniabley a tricky matter. You cannot compare the male shoe sizes with the female ones. Again, elder shoe sizes are not comparable with the toddler ones. So before buying out, you need to understand the difference among the categories of shoe size. For example-

What Does D Mean In Shoe Size?

Male shoes with size D are stand for medium-size shoe. On the other hand, the exact measurement of  D represents wide size for female shoes. So you cannot go and look for medium female shoes with the size of D. The measurement of D size will be wide shoes for female footwear. However, D represents medium shoes when it comes to kids’ shoes.

Thus, every letter of every category of shoe size chart varies with different significance. Therefore, take appropriate measurements of your feet and know about the shoe size chart. You will not be disappointed or uncomfortable with your new pairs of shoes.

Why is the form of measuring shoe size vary from country to country?

The form of measuring shoe size varies from country to country varies because of having different sizes and shapes of feet of the people from different countries. The growth and body structures of people vary a lot from country to country. The reason for that is their geographical position and weather. That is why the shoe measurement varies. 

Why is it so necessary to know about shoe size?

It is necessary to know about shoe sizes to avoid taking unnecessary hassles after buying new shoes. You need to go to the shop and change the size if it goes wrong in the fitness of your shoes. Sometimes, you may feel comfortable giving a trial at the shop, but you no longer feel comfortable while wearing the shoes afterwards. When you do not buy the shoes after checking the size correctly, or you do not have any idea about shoe sizes, you will have to take those hassles.

Also, if you shop online, you cannot give trials while buying. In that case, knowing the size of your feet and having the idea of shoe size charts is a must. Otherwise, you will end up buying an unfit pair of shoes, which would be a total waste of money.

You can easily avoid these related problems with buying shoes by only knowing your feet’ exact size and the size chart. Thus you will be able to buy the perfect and well-fitted shoes for yourself.

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