Are Vans Slip Resistant Shoes? Choose Vans Non Slip Shoes

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Shoes are an everyday necessity. As an object of our constant usage, shoes come in varying forms and qualities. We may walk across a wide array of terrains in our daily life, and so having a good pair of shoes worthy of giving us a smooth strolling experience is a must-have.

Amongst the various kinds of shoes, “slip resistant shoes” refer to a certain type of shoes that demonstrate agility and grip while walking on slippery surfaces.

Whether you work at a greasy restaurant or a slippery construction site, chances are that you’re on the lookout for a pair of shoes that are both slip-resistant and comfortable for long-term wear. In case you’re unaware, slip-resistant shoes are the type of shoes that eradicate any possibility of slipping, tripping or falling while walking.

Even if you’re not working in an industry that requires slip-resistant shoes, having a pair of non-slip shoes can come in handy in preventing accidents while walking or running, especially on rainy days.

Though there are a ton of brands that sell non-slip shoes, here’s our take on the advantages of Vans shoes on the basis of slip resistance.

Are Vans Non Slip Shoes?

Back when skating shoes had just begun getting popular, Vans shoes were the best-selling shoes on the market due to their ideal characteristics as skate shoes.

Vans skate shoes are renowned for having greater traction, longer durability, and a strong grip. As skateboards didn’t have belts on them back in the day, Vans gained massive popularity overnight thanks to their firm traction, sturdy soles, and vicelike grip. In fact, Vans shoes were so famous back then that owning a pair was an integral part of mainstream skate culture.

Since then, Vans has garnered a noteworthy reputation in the market as a manufacturer of shoes with a strong grip. Their shoes were strong enough to grip skateboards then, and with time, they’ve gotten even better. Let’s dive into an in-depth analysis of why Vans shoes are slip-resistant.

The Features Make Vans Slip-Resistant:

  • Slip-Resistant Tread Patterns

This may seem like a no-brainer, but tread patterns play a significant role in converting regular shoes into non-slip shoes. Most Vans come with their classic and iconic tread pattern titled Waffle™, which features carefully made lateral flex grooves formed at an angle to enhance flexibility.

This subtle yet detailed pattern has been designed with years of care to resist slippery, uneven, and oily surfaces. The density and depth of grooves in this pattern is another surefire indication of its slip-resistance, as shoes with larger indentations usually don’t provide much resistance against surfaces.

The tread pattern of Vans comes in constant contact with the floor surface, enhancing the user’s traction and movement. Walk with confidence with this slip-proof tread pattern specifically guaranteed to keep you stable and upright.

  • Rubber and PVC Soles

Vans soles and outsoles are also made of excellent thick and soft rubber, which is prevalent in any slip-resistant shoe. The rubber helps the shoe grip any greasy and slick flooring, creating strong friction between the two surfaces.

The soles are created using rubber that’s vulcanized in two steps- heat & compression and steam baking. Vulcanization has long been a popular method in making the material powerful and secure. The rubber and PVC enhance the friction between your feet and the ground, ensuring a stellar walking and jogging experience.

Whether you’re stepping in water or oil, thanks to the vans’ slip-proof tread pattern and high-quality rubber soles, you’re bound to walk with utmost comfort and precision.

  • Premium Materials

Though it may seem imperceptible, the product quality of a pair of shoes speaks volumes about its caliber and properties. Vans are created using the finest durable raw materials, guaranteeing their longevity and quality.

As they were initially manufactured as skateboarding shoes, these shoes were initially made to withstand the wear and tear from bumpy and rough usage. And with time and experience, the designers of Vans have gained even further expertise on creating a product renowned for anti-slip properties.

The premium quality of its materials also demonstrates perfect grip and considerable friction, whereas low-quality material usually doesn’t possess any such property. The material used to make Vans is so firm and durable that it can even withstand hot splashes of water and oil.

It repels the hot liquid to protect your feet, ensuring all-rounder protection every hour of every day. These shoes are optimal for restaurant waiters and chefs, providing an all in one bundle of comfort and safety.

  • Dry Static Coefficient

Let’s indulge in a bit of science to understand the supreme standards Vans shoes come with. The friction between two surfaces is measured using a unit called dry static coefficient. The higher the static coefficient is of a pair of shoes, the better its slip resistance is.

Vans have been tested out on various surfaces including dry, watery, oily and lubricated surfaces. Each and every surface has reported a high static coefficient, ensuring the slip resistance of Vans shoes.

How to Choose Vans Non Slip Shoes?

When purchasing a pair of shoes, pay attention to both the insoles and outsoles, as they play a crucial role in differentiating between a good and a bad pair of shoes.

Focusing on tread patterns are also a must; the deeper the grooves, the better the shoe will be. Finally, check if the material is thick enough to resist water. This quality ensures that should an accident occur while you’re wearing the shoes, no hot liquids will seep through the surface of the shoe- thus keeping your feet dry and burn-free.

All in all, Vans shoes exhibit a multitude of great attributes you want in a pair of shoes, namely versatility, comfort, longevity and traction. As slip-resistant shoes come with the guarantee of premium grade materials, superior design and first-class wear experience, we think it’s a good idea to invest in a pair even if you may not necessarily require one in the workplace.

In our opinion, Vans shoes come with great benefits along with attractive colors and designs; serving the purpose of both safety and style. The slip resistance feature is just an added bonus on an already great pair of shoes.

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