Dr. Martens vs. Solovair: Which Brand of Boots are Better Quality?

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Boots are not just a pair of shoes to protect your feet. They have a class of their own which differentiates them from all other kinds of shoes out there. Well, you have to be a fan of boots to the deepest level to realize that fact.

Among all the boot enthusiasts there is a common dilemma that goes on. And that is the dilemma of choosing Dr. Martens vs Solovair. People who are interested in different sorts of boots must have run into this dilemma. It’s understandable considering the long age battle going on between these two types of boots. This led them to their constant improvement for staying ahead in the competition.

So, if you are wondering about the same thing on which one is better then you are in the right place. We will go through a detailed overview of different aspects for both brands. You will get to know which one will suit your needs the best and which are better and why. That makes it easy for you to make a buying decision when it comes to solovair boots vs dr martens.

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Let’s get right onto it and check out some of the features from both shoe brands. In the end, we will go through a little bit of the history of the companies as well. 

Feature comparison

In this comparison of the solovair vs doc martens, we considered few features to go through. Such as first impressions, waterproof, grip and traction, insole and comfort, durability, and pricing. Let’s get on with it.

First Impression

Dr. Martens: The first time you look at a Dr. Martens shoe you just see pure class. They are so good to look at with the leather exterior. You can get a premium vibe coming from the looks of the boots. They aren’t very shiny but have a nice matte finish on the outside. Also, there are various color choices available. If you are into white boots then you are in luck with Dr. Martens. Their Women’s 1460 pascal model comes with some variety in color with 100% leather construction. The outsoles aren’t bulky which makes it great in looks. And the matte finish on the upper material will satisfy you every time you glance at them. The first time you look at them you just know you have to buy it. 

Solovair: Solovair boots are well known for the shine. When you take a look at them you can see the shine coming into your eyes. The radiates a premium yet stylish vibe no matter where you go. If you are going to a party then there is nothing better than a pair of Solovair. The first impression they create is that the shoes are of good quality and a bit pricey as well. You can fit in at any formal event when you have a pair of Solovair. It leaves a great first impression on people which makes you buy the shoes in the first place.


Dr. Martens: When it comes to warmth from your shoes then Dr. Martens boots are there on top. Because of the classic leather they use you get great warmth inside the shoes. 

Even in the cold weather you can take a pair of Dr. Martens and wander off to wherever you want. That’s what makes Dr. Marten boots all-weather quality. Some Dr. Martens boots come with heat-sealed stitches which keep the shoes warm inside all the time. Sometimes you get to see faux fur on the boots that are a great help in winter. 

Solovair: Solovair shoes are great for keeping your feet warm all the time. Especially in the winter, you get to experience all the good stuff of the boots. The stitches on the shoes are so firm that no air can pass through them to make your feet cold.

The soles on the shoes are of high quality which makes them warmer than usual. They can be really helpful in the winter season. Although, at first glance, the boots might not look like it but they are more than capable of holding heat inside the shoes.

Grip and Traction

Dr. Martens: The soles they feature on Dr. Martens boots are extraordinary. They are tightly stitched to the upper of the shoes. The sole quality itself is so good that you won’t ever have to worry about slipping. Even though the outsoles of the boots are usually soft, they have high traction. Some boots also come with slip resistance as well. 

However, the ones without any slip resistance have enough traction to keep you grounded. So, in terms of grip and traction, there is not much to worry about these boots. You will get slip and abrasion resistance from most of the shoes with exceptions in some cases. 

Solovair: As we got to know from a lot of solovair boots reviews they tend to have a hard outsole with good slip resistance. Most of the boots from solovair feature slip resistance outsoles. So, you don’t have to go through much trouble finding boots with a good amount of grip and traction. 

On the contrary, some boots aren’t said to feature slip resistance. But they can still hold on to slippery grounds quite well. So, no questions should arise regarding grip and traction of the shoes. 

Insole and Comfort

Dr. Martens: Insoles are the strong points of any Dr. Martens boots. They are well known for making extremely comfortable insoles. You can remove the soles whenever you want. It’s a great option to have in terms of cleaning your shoes now and then. The soles are very soft that helps you get rid of the traditional foot pain issues. Also, the insole can absorb shock proficiently. Walking with a pair of Dr. Martens on is a pure delight.

However, you can’t wear them as your regular work boots. Because most of the boots don’t feature any shank which makes it harder to wear them for a long time. Overall, the insole is one of the best you can find on boots and extremely comfortable to wear.

Solovair: Whereas Dr. Martens have a soft sole, Solovair tends to have a much more rigid and rough sole. However, that doesn’t make it less comfortable than Dr. Marten’s boots. These are also extremely comfortable due to the soft foam padding under the heel.

And to add to that, Solovair has a shank. So, you can easily spend a whole day standing or working with these boots on. In such cases, they are very comfortable and don’t cause any pain or issues at all. Also, the shape of the boot stays intact for a long time. Overall, you get comfort and greater arch support from Solovair Boots.


Dr. Martens: One thing we found common among thousands of Doc Martens Review is the high durability. Some of the information suggested that a Dr. Marten boot can last up to 20 years or maybe even more. That comes solely from their leather quality. In most of the Dr. Marten boots, you get to experience classic and smooth leather. They are well known for their stiffness. Other than that Doc Marten boots use Nappa leather, patent lamper leather, and various other leathers. 

A consistent thing about all these leathers is their roughness and quality. No matter what type of leather they use they prioritize quality. And that results in higher durability than any other boots you can find. In short, you get the best kind of durability from Dr.Martens boots without any doubt. That’s how they have gained the trust of their customers. 

Solovair: Solovair boots are no different from Dr. Martens in terms of durability. The competition between them is really close if you consider durability as a factor. Solovair also uses top-quality leather of various types in their boots. Usually, they make boots using smooth corrected leather. It’s a varied take on full-grain leather. 

Then, it gets a coated finish which gives them the shine that impresses you at first glance. They also use full grain leather sometimes. Many of the Solovair boots come with water resistance. They aren’t waterproof but they don’t go through too much damage on water. All in all, these shoes come with great quality leather and due to that, you get extreme durability as well.


Dr. Martens: Even with all those fascinating qualities, the prices of Dr. Martens’s boots are comparatively lower. They can cost you from somewhere around $100 to $250 depending on the different models and types. And considering the quality you get for the price is really worth every penny you pay. The first thing to look at here is the durability factor. 

When you buy a Doc Martens boot you won’t be needing a new boot for a long period of time. And that’s enough reason to spend money on this one. However, that’s not the only reason. You get comfortability and greater quality along with that. And in terms of looks to they are worth the money. Truth be told Dr. Martens boots have a reasonable price for the quality they offer. 

Solovair: Solovair boots are priced a little higher than Dr. Martens. While their quality is almost identical the price might seem a bit overpriced in some cases. They can cost from somewhere around $200 to $400. Now, this might seem a higher price in the first place but there are some things you get from Solovair shoes. 

You get better arch support, water resistance, slip and abrasion resistance on every shoe. You can’t expect to get all these good kinds of stuff without spending some extra money. So, if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks then you can surely get a pair of Solovair boots.

About The Companies

Dr. Martens

The company started with the inception of Dr. Klaus Maertens idea of an air-cushioned sole. In 1945 Dr. Maertens shared his idea with his friend from University Dr. Herbert Funk. From there on they both went ahead with the concept and start making shoes. Their uniqueness came from the air-cushioned sole and eventually the news spread out.

They started off their official production in 1947 and quickly gained business due to their uniqueness. From there on till this day the company is well known for making quality boots with uniqueness. They are still known for the same name and quality they started off with in 1947.


In 1881 five young men got together and started a co-operative company. They called it Northamptonshire Productive Society based on the town of Northamptonshire in England. Luckily, they got a production order of army boots from their Government. 

The journey of Solovair started under the NPS production. They came up with Dr. Martens by Solovair shoes in the 1950’s. From there on they went through many ups and downs. And to this day they are still coming up with some quality shoes recovering from all the hard times in the past. That’s the story of Solovair. 

Overall Verdict

Well, there you go we went through a complete overview of various aspects. Now, it’s time to clear the air of the age-old competition between Dr. Martens and Solovair. 

Considering the first impression of both the boots it will be hard to differentiate. Solovair comes with a shiny presence whereas Dr. Martens has more of a matte finish on their boots. So, the choice depends on your preference of looks. There is no clear winner here. 

In terms of keeping your feet warm, they both are almost identical. No one stays ahead of the game with anything here. The grip and traction of both shoes are commendable. You can’t complain about this for any of them. 

When you take insole and comfort into consideration both the boots are equally comfortable. Making a choice is easier when you determine the use of them. Both the shoes are equally durable so there no questions to ask about that either. You can choose any one of them blindly when you think of durability. 

Now, what comes down to make a decision among these shoes is the pricing of them. Dr. Martens are far cheaper than Solovair. And considering all the other factors along with the price range Dr. Martens seem to be a better choice. Unless you need a pair of working boots, Dr. Martens are the way to go because of the lower price. But in terms of quality, the competition is really close.

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