How to Clean Clarks Desert Boots? Best Methods to Take Care of Them

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A pair of Clarks Desert boots is a holy-grail when it comes to mimic the most admired styling techniques. Generations have passed but the classic picture of Clarks Desert boot is evergreen as it was not just for its unique design as well for its outstanding gaze with the history of military Chukka boots.

Even the one who never experienced a strong identity of fashion most certainly has heard about the classic Desert Boots. The desert boots have been on an elevated scale ever since its encounter with the most popular footwear brand named Clarks.

Guide to Clean Clarks Desert boots in Suede

When someone means to step into the world of Clarks Desert Boots, Suede is the introductory code.

Suede is mostly considered as a type of leather that is manufactured by the underside of lamb hide. Consequently, the output is a soft napped material that is water-sensitive.

This particular type of leather is prone to damage if the owner is not aware of the routine Clarks Desert Boots Care which is the absolute purpose of this guide. 

For the care of your Suede Desert Boots, we have rounded-up the best methods including the pros and cons to ensure you are not dropping your investment into the void.

How to Clean Clarks Desert Boots: Suede (Tools You Need)

  1. Natural bristle brush/Horse hair brush
  2. Suede Cleaning brush
  3. Butter Knife
  4. Newspaper or Cloth

#1: The natural bristle brush

A detailed natural bristle brush is the basic tool your toe-companion needs to keep your pair of deserts into a healthy condition. Such brushes are versatile, produced with flex and uneven bristle lengths that reach far into the suede to remove the deep-rooted dirt from the surface.


  • Begin by drying your Desert boots (Suede) for convenience.
  • Place a newspaper or a piece of cloth below so that it gathers all the dirt in one place.
  • From this point put the natural bristle brush/horse hair brush towards the same direction of the material to brush and revive the fluff of the boots that flattens after sporting a few blessed times. 
  • After the third step if some residue of stains are spotted that’s when the butter knife takes over. Carefully place the knife to lift the grain of the suede then brush away the tough stain.


  1. Flexible
  2. Great longevity
  3. Multi-purpose brush(Can be used on different shoe designs and materials)
  4.  Affordable
  5.  Requires less time


  1. Bristle shedding
  2. Rough brush-hair

#2.The suede brush

The suede brush is determined to keep your Clarks desert boots care more harmonious. If you own a pair of desert boots in suede it’s quite apparent that you also have access to a suede brush. If not you can easily replace it with toothbrushes perhaps it would not leave your boots with the subtle polish.

Suede brush’s nylon bristles are designed in a special shape which makes its way with ease to the precise areas where the regular brushes can’t for a fine finish.


  • We will always make sure to start with a dry boot and right after will follow the first two steps evenly we did previously with the natural bristle brush.
  • The ideal technique of using brushes to care for desert boots is to brush in a slow back and forth motion. Harder bristles and gentle brush is the golden rule to achieve a pair of Clean Clarks Desert Boots.


  1. A suede brush is pretty handy.
  2. Comes in a compact design.
  3. Low cost
  4. Saves energy and time


  1. Not effective for heavy stains.
  2. Too much force with the brush can harm the suede material.

#3 Suede Eraser

Most of the time with boots suede, the brush is not enough to pull the suede hairs upwards in order to clean superficial dry spots that occurs if the boots come in touch of liquid. Under such circumstances, a suede rubber does the task to detangle the gelled back suede hair.


  • A suede eraser is somewhat similar to a pencil eraser that works best on dry desert boots. Mark the staining’s of which you couldn’t get rid of with the suede brush.
  • Place the eraser on those particular areas and rub it in the direction of the suede hair. When in touch with stain the components of the eraser gently scratch the surface of the suede and result in loosening the stain particles.
  • You won’t be able to witness any drastic changes until you use your suede brush or any regular toothbrush to brush the remaining off.


  1. Easily accessible.
  2. No labor.
  3. Can be availed at low price.


  1. Runs out easily. You need to frequently buy it for the maintenance of your Clarks desert boots.

Cleaning Solutions

My father always advised me never to compromise with caring of any products no matter how little the investment is! The lesson stayed with me ever since. A good-quality cleaning spray is capable of rescuing your fancy Deserts no matter how many times you kick the pile of mud. The number of sprays produced for Clarks Desert boot care are countless. You can pick one which is backed with good reviews or just go for a widely used home based vinegar formula.


  1. Cleaning Spray/ Vinegar
  2. Cotton
  3. Bowl
  4. Suede Eraser
  5. Suede Brush/Natural hair brush


  • It’s better to start off with dry boots.
  • Target the harsh stains to easily spray without spreading. The spray cap is the most convenient application of the formula and preserves the product for a longer period.
  •  If you can’t get a cleaning spray and have vinegar within your reach, that’s the spell.
  • In a bowl pour some vinegar. Dip the ball of cotton to soak it with vinegar.
  • Carefully rub and squeeze the cotton-ball over the spot.
  • Air dry until the wet shade matches the body of suede perfectly.
  • Resume the process further with Suede eraser and Suede brush for a thorough care of your boots.


  1. Prolongs the service of your boots
  2. Travel-friendly


  1. Time consuming cleaning process.
  2. Certain brands are expensive.
  3. Too much chemical can be detrimental for the suede material.

How to Clean Clarks Desert boots in Beeswax Leather

The second trendiest variant of Clarks Desert boots are the Beeswax boots. The availability of fats and oil in the leather never lets the using-span of the boots weigh down by negative statements. Despite their low-maintenance you need to do your due work and apply the appropriate Beeswax care products for your boots Carewhich is done in two distinctive ways:

  1. Dirt removal
  2. Leather Care


  1. Few pieces of microfiber cloth
  2. Natural bristle brush/Horsehair brush
  3. Saddle soap


  • Try to remove the build-up dust from the surface of the boot. Eliminating sands and dirt using a microfiber cloth is a brilliant option. That’s because once we get into the cleaning process even a particle of sand can cause scratches.
  • Fill a bowl with the warmest water possible. Wet the microfiber cloth with hot water and pick some saddle soap with it.
  • It is wise to clean one boot at a time. Keep applying soap in small portions until you have covered the whole boot.
  • Once you are done soaping the boots, dry it with another piece of cloth. Leave for an hour or so to dry them naturally.
  • Following these steps you already have marched your Clarks Desert boots Care to a pro level, even so this isn’t where we end.

The revival game: Leather Balm or Leather Oil

No matter how resistant the coat of leather is, it fades over the course of use. To restore the natural oil and shine of Boots Beeswax you can either use a Leather balm or a Leather oil. Both of the products serve the same purpose hence the choice lies solely up to you.

Leather oil:

If your choice is a tin of leather oil for the aftercare, Bravo! You have chosen the least wild technique.

  • Coat both the pairs with a thin layer of oil. For this, you can use any sort of dry rag.
  • After the application, your boots might appear slightly darker than its usual color but will go back to its usual aura once dried.

Leather Balm:

For nourishing your Desert Boots Beeswax leather Balm is also a good option.

  • Apply a few coatings of the balm. The balm simply nourishes the boots and brings back its natural oil.
  •  Buff across the entire boot with a horsehair brush right after the coating.
  • After 20 minutes of chore, you are all set to vivify your fashion quotient yet again wearing the boots.


  • It’s easier to clean the Beeswax boots when compared to Suede
  • They age with grace.


  • Some leather care products can be of high-range.
  • Beeswax boots get dirty frequently.

 Mistakes to Avoid

Investing in a pair of Clarks Desert Boots can be a risky proposition if you are not aware of the mistakes that should be avoided to help the boots last longer.

  1. No soaps and detergents for your Clarks.
  2. Always apply chemical formulas on boots testing beforehand.
  3. Don’t let them get too muddy.
  4. It’s better not to wear those in wet-weather.


We have finally discovered our way to get away from a dusty to a Clean Clarks Desert Boots pair with utmost care.

What’s now? Life is too short and it’s time for the pristine footwear’s to explore pollution of the world once again.

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